PSU and Aphasia – Spooky

Aphasia sucks!


I struggle to talk with my friends. Hearing them and telling stories is fun, but telling my stories takes work to tell. But telling my stories writing I can do.


Penn State makes my stories. It could be because so much of my life is based on Penn State.


In October 2021, just about one year after I had the stroke, Temple asked a few aphasia groups to talk to Temple PT Students about how aphasia can help them.


During my talk, I told them I went to Penn State, played soccer, and that one of my friends is the Woman’s Field Hockey coach.


After the class, one of my students found me to tell her that she played Field Hockey at Penn State, and she introduced me. Her name is Cassie Kline. She played field hockey from 2015 to 2019.


I sent a message to Char Morett-Curtiss, and she remembered Cassie.


When I got home last night, I went to Google and found she went #14 at field hockey. I started to see the photos I had taken at PSU Field Hockey and found several images of #14.


I sent a message on Facebook, found Cassie Kline, and asked her if these photos were hers, and she was amazed that I had seen those photos.


That was about a year and a half ago.


Last week, I was going through some postcards that I found. There was one postcard about five years ago. It was for Penn State Field Hockey going to Holland. They sent me to support their donation for the trip.


I was shocked to read the postcard was sent by Cassie Kline #14.



How does that even happen?


It goes to show that Penn State is all over.