Stories from Alumni with Aphasia

The Village at Penn State

Revised Last Friday, I drove from Bellefonte to the Village at Penn State to join Chaleece Sandberg to go to a group about Aphasia. When I got there, I realized

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PSU and Aphasia – Spooky

Aphasia sucks!   I struggle to talk with my friends. Hearing them and telling stories is fun, but telling my stories takes work to tell. But telling my stories writing

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Stories from Speech and Language Pathologists

Ed Nunez chats with Dr. Sandberg's students at Penn State

A former alumnus of Penn State, Ed Nunez, joined graduate students in the SLP program at Penn State to talk about his aphasia and connection to Penn State.

"Winning Season" - Ep3 Denise Mendez" on YouTube - A PSU Alumni